Child Support

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Child Support

The parents of minor children have a duty to provide financial support for their children.

The Minnesota child support guidelines consider, among other things, the gross income of each parent, the amount of time each parent has with the child, the cost to provide medical, dental and vision insurance for a child and which parent incurs that cost, the cost of child care and which parent incurs that cost, and certain other factors which may bear on the ability of a parent to provide financially for their minor child.

In any decree for dissolution, legal separation or annulment, the Court must include an order properly setting support.  Support may be reviewed and modified from time to time, depending on the then-existing circumstances of the parties and the minor child.

Failure To Pay Court-Order Child Support, may result in enforcement activities and significant consequences, including, but not limited to, revocation of a driver, recreational or occupational licenses, capture of federal or state income tax refunds, bank liens, contempt actions and jail time.

Navigating the Child Support process can be complex and confusing.   It is important to know your rights and to understand the process.

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